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Honored for being nominated for the India Biggest Civilian PADMASHRI Award 2022 by Government of India

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A business turnaround specialist with an entrepreneurial drive, holding over 15 years of qualitative & quantitative success in leading businesses in cross functional environment to setting up overall business operations and achieving growth objectives.
Skilled in managing key account relationships and large-scale projects and strategizing cost effective business solutions to improve the market share in highly competitive environment; strong credentials in streamlining business operations while serving as a catalyst for growth and expansion and quickly restoring forward momentum and generating revenue.
A results oriented, well networked with influential approach to achieving sales, business and market development, Broad range of experience from the creation of new market opportunities, expanding distribution channels and introducing new products.
A forward thinking change agent with proven record of success in identifying and implementing strategies for building team effectiveness, developing innovative business plans, setting up corporate goals, short term and long-term budgets.



A leading Motivational speaker in Bhubaneswar with breakthrough activities, transformational tools and techniques and experimental learning.


Providing the all-round solutions in an entrepreneur training offering effective training programs followed by useful resources, articles and links.


Dynamic Business development speakers worth your time and attention works with business individuals to achieve your marketing and business development.


Benefit your business world with the most significant corporate advisory services helping the corporates overcome adversity.


An expertise in the methods of motivating employees, that leads to the performance of the department and company.


Excellent Business enhancing service to make your company more essential and perfect way to communicate with the prospects for special sales.

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The website will be useful for most of the people who want to upgrade and enjoy good health. The problem of stress is not only limited to a particular geography but it will also be applicable to find out new paths in the areas of critical research. The utility of this study is not only confined to researchers at India, but also researchers from other nations, who wish to work on the study of abolishing stress and ensure long term prosperity across the globe.

01. What kind of therapies are effective in helpful in fear of public speaking?

There are different causes (and consequences) that triggers fear when speaking in public. Anxiety, personality, shyness, articulatory inaccuracy, lack of preparation, etc.

02. What is the best advice you can give?

Some people respond better than others to such an open-ended question, but when it connects, it can cut right to the important stuff. Compile the responses you get to this question and keep them where you can read through them all from time to time.

03. What do you fear most about giving a presentation?

There is nothing like any fear but I just think of motivating my audience in the best possible way to change their way of thinking for life.

04. What do you want your audiences to remember of your presentation?

One and only one thing I want to be remembered as how I changed their life and my words motivates them to lead a great and happy life. Let it be any business person, a student, or any individual, I need everyone to be benefitted by my speech.

05. What is the benefit of a motivational speech in enhancing a business growth?

A motivational or inspirational speech can often bring a different perspective, turning ideas on their head, presenting them in different ways which can help people see things differently. This can help turn perceived challenges into opportunities or can replace complexity with simpler approaches.

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I would like to re-introduce myself. My name is Indrabhuwan Kumar Singh I am a Business Coach, Public Speaker, Personal Developer, Mentor and Author I am so excited to let you know that this Sunday am launching my book called “The New Ways of Self Transformation” If you like to change your life this book is for you. Are you excited to read it?

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