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I can't really recall where or when I got this personal project's idea, but I do think of how strongly I felt the need to give it a chance. Let me shortly introduce myself: I'm INDRABHUWAN KUMAR, a front- reader, a believer, and a random person just like you who learns from life every day and who tries to make an optimistic difference.
With INDRABHUWAN, my desire is to illustrate and focus on what makes us humans: the value of memories, life changes, feelings and actions we can take when something big happens to us. Different cultures, different sensibilities, different luck. There is a time to celebrate and a time to cry, a time to refuse and a time to act, a time to think and a time to rebound.
I am also a Philanthropist at Sukarma Foundation, a leading social service organisation.

With the help of long-time friends and magical meetings, INDRABHUWANcame to life...
Now is your chance to interact, share and write its story.

Thank you.
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To analyze and overcome the gap between Every Human and Always Motivate by adopting smart modern management techniques. To help lowering the stress in human life, People who are more inclined towards survival will lay a path towards prosperity. To support those people who feel burden and do not enjoy their routine life due to irrelevant excessive pressure created by circumstances.


To enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families by strengthening communities, eliminating barriers to opportunity, and helping people in need reach their full potential through learning and the power of work.


My one and only one goal is to make your life better no matter in which situation you are facing. Helping you to be always positive and achieve you goal in the best possible way. I aim to make your every single day your masterpiece.